Albóri of Làmpata

Albóri di Làmpata - Capichera


Albóri di Làmpata is a pure Syrah. We have obtained an exclusive interpretation of this extraordinarily versatile grape variety. The grapes are carefully selected from the vineyards facing the mistral, and after 12 months of refinement, Albóri di Làmpata is bottled in a very small quantity. The name means June dawn. Like the most beautiful sunrise, this syrah, red with violet hues, is an exciting, complex and enveloping wine of incomparable elegance.


First vintage produced: 2009
Grapevine: Syrah in purity
Designation of origin: IGT Isola dei Nuraghi
Vineyards: owned
Breeding system: spurred cordon
Yield per hectare: 45/50 q
Grape harvest: between the end of September and early October

Fermentation: fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks for 3 weeks
Maturation: 12 months of refinement before bottling.
Ageing potential: high

Tasting notes

Colour: deep red with violet hues
Smell: of black berry fruits, blackberry, black cherry, liquorice and violet, with notes of black pepper
Taste: great aromatic complexity with balsamic notes of myrtle and maquis, jam, coffee, leather and dates.

Serving temperature: 15/16 °C